Solar Photovoltaic Panels


The SPA series of photovoltaic Zone 1 & Zone 2 Solar Panels are ATEX Ex mb e certified products. The cells of the panel are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and EVA pottant with an aluminium polyester protected back sheet to provide maximum protection in the most extreme environmental conditions.


Typical applications for this new energy and cost saving concept are to monitor remote pipelines and unmanned offshore oil & gas installations where the location and the proximity of a hazardous area, deem conventional power sources and manpower to be less economical.


Complimented by other JCE Group products like hazardous area batteries and EExd control enclosures, the SPA series can be supplied as part of a complete control and monitoring system. Combined with a compatible inverter housed in our EJB range of EExd enclosures, it is suitable for AC applications. 

For full product specifications, please download the information sheets below.

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