Power Controller Unit


The range of EExd Power/Charge Controller's are an integral component of the Solar Power Pod.  Used in conjunction with other JCE supplied products such as Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Battery Enclosures then a complete renewable energy power source can be constructed to provide a cost effective power source for remote locations where sunshine prevails and areas where traditional power infrastructure is uneconomical due to high infrastructure costs.


The PCU monitors the incoming power from the SPA panels and provides the power to the selected load as well as maintaining that the BC battery enclosure on the system is fully charged to enable it to provide the full voltage required for the desired autonomy. With suitably rated distribution and short circuit components contained within, the controller enclosure provides total protection for the system as well as providing constant voltage and current indication via the panel mounted meters.


To maintain the life of the batteries within the BC, the controller also controls battery charging and prevents battery deep discharge. A DC to DC convertor can also be contained within the enclosure which converts 12Vdc to 24Vdc, provides constant 24Vdc battery voltage (battery voltage varies with charge and discharge, 9-13.7Vdc) and for AC applications the DC/DC convertor can be replaced by a DC/AC Invertor.


For systems that don't require a stable supply, this can be powered direct from the controller enclosure.


For full product specifications, please download the information sheets below.