Zone 2 Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid Power Systems


We have been designing and manufacturing Solar/Wind Hybrid Power Packages to the offshore and marine industries for a number of years, which has given us considerable experience in this field.

Each system utilises an Ex approved wind turbine and a solar power system, to supply a certified battery package via its standard controller/distribution system. The inclusion of battery storage means the package will deliver reliable power during periods of no wind and darkness. 

All of our systems are manufactured in Aberdeen, UK, are marine duty and/or EX rated for hazardous areas, and typical applications for them include:

  • Navigation Aids
  • Alarm Systems
  • Gas Detection
  • Bird Scaring
  • Camera Surveillance          
  • ESD Controls
  • Ship to Shore Communications
  • Netcam Systems
  • Piping / Pipeline Management
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring