Joint Venture formed to deliver ATEX approved Hybrid Energy Solutions

JCE Energy has partnered with Kingspan Wind to manufacture an ATEX approved hybrid energy system, which has been installed on an unmanned oil and gas platform in the North Sea.


The system combines wind and solar energy to supply power for telecoms, navaids, bird deterrent systems, foghorns and other utilities.  The inclusion of battery storage means the system will deliver reliable power during periods of no wind and darkness. This technology has been tested and shows a 4% opex cost against standard diesel generators, because it operates without the need for supervision, and maintenance and inspection will be minimal.


This particular system comprises of a Zone 2 Wind Turbine, Solar Panels & Battery Enclosures, accompanying Zone 1 Battery Isolators and a Solar/Wind Controller Package, all affixed to an appropriate framework, for standalone installation on the facility.


Kingspan Wind is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of robust small wind turbines.  The company’s KW3EX turbine was developed for use in the harsh environment of the North Sea, and has been successfully operating for more than 10 years on offshore un-manned oil/gas platforms in both the North Sea and in the Indian Ocean.


Martin Craig, JCE Energy’s Operational Director, says, “This was an innovative project which showed both the versatility of alternative energy technologies and their effective use in hazardous areas. We collaborated highly effectively with Kingspan Wind to complete the project on budget within a tight schedule - we are now looking forward to continuing our partnership on future projects.”